Jueves 22 de Agosto de 2019

About Us

Haina International Terminals, S. A. S., is a company created on October 10th 2000 by a group of businessmen of the shipping sector, with the purpose of performing and modernizing all the operations of the Rio Haina Port, in this manner place it at the level of the Ports in the Caribbean area, and for being the most important in the country, making an millionaire investment for its modernization, according to the international commerce standards.

Currently we are BASC certified ( The Business Alliance for a Secure Trade), of the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security) y C-TPAT, which are requirements established by the international organizations that contribute to facilitating and expediting trade, and making this the most important port in the Caribbean area.

Likewise, we are the first Dominican Port in receiving the ISO9001-2008 certification and the first company in the country to receive the Authorized Economic Operator certification


  • 1586

    Sir Francis Drake landed in the river mouth - invades Capital

  • 1953

    President Trujillo inaugurated the Port of Rio Haina Occidental.

  • 1955

    Longshore and Harbor construction is started on the east bank.

  • 1964

    It establishes Sealand container operation in Western Haina.

  • 1983

    New container dock is inaugurated on the east bank.

  • 1990

    Port of Santo Domingo is transformed into tourism , most of the load migrates to Haina. Starts infrastructure degradation.

Quality Policy and Security

Provide quality services focused on customer satisfaction and maintain Rio Haina Port safe against all illicit activity, complying with applicable requirements, promoting training and awareness of stakeholders, continuously improving the performance and efficiency of management systems.

Safety and Environmental Policy

Prevent the negative impact on our personnel and the environment by the associated risks in our activities, comply with the applicable requirements, promoting training and awareness of the stakeholders, continuously improving performance and the safety, health and environmental management systems.


Convert the Puerto Rio Haina in one of the safest in the Caribbean area.

Also pursue quality leadership in all operational services we offer.

Get quality and productivity results that exceed the expectations of customers in each activity performed.

Meet 100% of customer requirements.